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Extra Small Turkeys

Texas A&M may have the twelfth man but I think just about every home has the extra relative or friend or acquaintance that makes predicting the attendance at a Thanksgiving holiday table a little more sooth and little less science. GrapesI know that the count for our Thanksgiving table this year started at around sixteen, at one point ballooned to a possibility of twenty-seven and now hovers around sixteen again. At no point did we regret any of the attendees, but the constant flux does make planning exciting. I don't think we will have an actual count until we sit down at the table, but does it really matter? If, after all, Thanksgiving started as a way to give thanks for a successful harvest and friendship and cooperation between two long ago peoples then it is certainly Hot Chocolatean inclusive holiday. I know that growing up in Los Angeles, my mother always had room for an extra, well, anyone. Sometimes we sat at one table, sometimes we sat at four. We recently came across a video of Thanksgiving 1981 and frankly there are people at the four tables that I simply don't recognize. So, what does this mean? At least for our family, Christmas may be about the closeness of family, but Thanksgiving is about making sure that everyone has a place at the table. Everyone has a reason to give thanks, even the twelfth man. Oh, by the way, the next time you are in the Valley stop by the shop, we are now serving our Hot Chocolate by the cup! Happy Thanksgiving.

John Anderson

Adventurer's Club

They're here! The Woodhouse Chocolate Clubs are finally here!! About time, right? My parents have been talking about chocolate clubs since we opened and after the first few years my face was turning blue from holding my breath, but we kept our noses to the grindstone and they are finally ready to be unleashed. To make the wait worthwhile we will be starting with not one, but two clubs from which to choose. The first is our Traditional Club for that "chocolate fix" which will include three different possibilities. You have the option of receiving an Assortment, Mostly Dark or Milk & Dark each month for 3, 6 or 12 months. The second is for those with a wild side, introducing the Adventurers Club! Each month it will include two new and tantalizing flavors that could be sweet, could be savory, could be both, but guaranteed to be delicious. It is an adventure with every box! You can sign up on the website or call us today.

Christina Anderson

The R.A.C
The R.A.C.


Serves 1

The season of family get-togethers is upon us! Thanksgiving is the Grand-Daddy of them all. And while we love our relatives, sometimes the thought of all of them at once can be daunting. I am known to need a little attitude adjustment every once in a while preparing for a party and I have created just the thing. The R.A.C., or, to spell it out: Relatives Are Coming. It's just the thing to make things look more rosy and your relatives look more attractive. This requires a touch of forethought, but not too much.

My R.A.C. requires two tinctures, but don't worry, the time is in the waiting, putting them together is quick as a wink.

For the Cocoa Nib Tincture:
1/4 cup cocoa nibs (you can find all sorts on Amazon)
1/2 cup vodka

Put these two in a glass jar and let steep overnight. (Or if you are like me and wait until the last minute for just about everything because I am trying to do too much...heat up the vodka before you pour it over the cocoa nibs and you are good to go in a few hours- same for the Allspice one.)

For the Allspice Tincture:
2 Tablespoons whole allspice berries
zest of 1/2 a large orange removed with a vegetable peeler and cut into strips
1/2 cup vodka

Use the same directions as above.

For the whole shebang R.A.C.:
2 oz. Bourbon Whiskey (I used Bulleit, but if you have something different hanging around - by all means, use it.)
1 oz. Cointreau (DO NOT use Grand Marnier or Triple Sec instead - they are NOT the same.)
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Tincture (strained)
1 Tablespoon Allspice Tincture (strained)
lemon zest garnish

Put everything but the lemon zest in a martini shaker filled with ice. Shake, shake, shake...or stir, stir, stir - whatever floats your boat, then pour into a martini glass. OR, pour it over ice in a highball glass. OR, put it in get the picture, just enjoy your cocktail and your relatives in whatever form they come.

Tracy Wood Anderson

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